People don't want to read about a product or service, they want to be shown.

That's where we come in.

We create “video introductions” that clearly and concisely communicate the features and the value of your product or service. Think of it as a sales presentation that's just a tad longer than an elevator pitch.

These days, a good sales plan also needs to be accompanied by a good training plan. Potential customers want to be assured the product or service is easy to learn while existing customers want to get the most out of their investment. To this end, we also produce "screencasts" that show your product or service being used, on the web, tablet, or phone, regardless of the platform.

We'd love to know how we might help you tell your story.


Lytro Software

Lytro is truly creating a revolution in photography. The first handheld light field camera, the Lytro allows a picture to be refocused after it was taken.

Four and Six

FourMatch software from Four and Six helps prove whether or not a photograph has been altered. is the fastest way to repay someone for just about anything. This video required a custom lighting rig to show both hands and phone displays.

Ocean Sciences App

Ocean Science

The Ocean Science tablet application is a prototype project in search of funding for a complete science application. This required a customized approach to recording an iPad screen.

Ditech PhoneTag


PhoneTag is a service created by Ditech Networks to convert voicemails to text. The challenge here was to communicate the value of the service in a clear and meaningful way.



BagCheck allows you to share what you use for your favorite work or play activities. We leveraged existing marketing materials and added some animation and a voiceover.

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